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The Color Maps

Rivers of Ṛgveda

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Here are the images and maps in the book in better resolution and color!

01 Devatas, Poets, Patrons.png

Figure 1: The ecosystem of the Ṛgvedic transactions

02 Anukramani.png

Figure 2: The Ṛgvedic Anukramaṇi with some sample hymns showing the devata, poet, and the poetic-meter of each hymn

03 MandalaChronology.png

Figure 3: An approximate Ṛgvedic Chronology Map based on the relative emergence of the 10 Maṇḍalas. It shows the approximate reigns of the dominant Ṛgvedic kings.

04 Late Mandalas.png
04 a Late Hymns.png

Figure 4: The Late Hymns of the Family Maṇḍalas. Green: Late Maṇḍalas listed by Aitareya Brāhmaṇa; Cyan-Blue: Late Maṇḍalas listed by Oldenberg

05 Royal Lineage Chart.png

Figure 5: The royal lineages and the kings mentioned in the Ṛgveda

06 Composer Lineages.png

Figure 6: The poetic families and the composers of the Ṛgveda

07 PriestKing.png

Figure 7: The priest-king of Mohan jo Daro Sindhu Sarasvatī Civilization (SSC) site. This is dated to 2000-1900 BCE

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