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Dharma Digital

Dharma Digital is an initiative to bring the Veda, Itihāsa Purāṇa characters into the current world audience using the futuristic technologies of digital holograms, AR and VR.

Dharma Digital creates informative 4K Quality Dhārmic Images, Short Video Documentaries, Video Talks, Dhārmic  Hologram AR/ VR Experiences, Small Video Clips, Dhārmic  Festival Videos, Dhārmic  Maps of Bhāratavarṣa, Dhārmic  Games, Dhārmic  Virtual Worlds and many more! These are then disseminated into this website, into YouTube. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to bring the young generation closer to our Dhārmic Tradition. Dharma Digital’s motto is Expanding Dharma Digitally. It envisages living our life immersed in the Dhārmic  lore.  living side by side with our Dhārmic devatas, who will be speaking to us and walking with us, in this Kali Yuga, in this very real world, like how it was in the ancient Yugas of Dvāpara, Treta and Ṛta!


Our Allied Sites

Dharma Digital is created by Jijith Nadumuri Ravi who is a scholar of Veda Itihāsa Purāṇas. You can check out his other sites like AncientVoice, Takshasila, Naalanda and RecentVoice. AncientVoice contains 25000 plus pages on the Mahābhārata, Ramāyaṇa, Vedas and Purāṇas. Nalanda contains 1000 plus pages on the Upanishads and Tamil Texts. Takshasila contains 8000 plus pages on the Greek epics Iliad, Odyssey and Avestan texts. RecentVoice contains many recent articles.

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